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     For many Hip Hop artists, writers and enthusiasts, 1988 marked the beginning of what’s now commonly deemed the “Golden Era” of Hip Hop music. It caught the imagination of a generation, which enabled it to grow into the global phenomenon it is today.

     It was the music from this era, and in particular the art of DJing and scratching, which captured the attention of DJ Marvel. He instantly became a fan, and 5 years later (at the age of 16) Marvel bought his first set of Technics 1210s, marking the beginning of his journey into learning the art of Hip Hop music.

     In the year 2000 Marvel became the brainchild, and one half of the turntablist group called “The Wristerons”, releasing his limited independant cd entitled “Flex of the Wrist”. It was through this release that he built a name for himself in the turntablism scene, featuring on compilations such as; Return of the DJ Vol 4 (Bomb Records), Return of the DJ Vol 5 (Bomb), Revenge of the B Boy pt2 (Bomb), Scratch Attack Vol 2 (Hip Hop Slam) and Global Turntables (Hip Hop Slam).

     More recently Marvel has focused his attention on learning and developing his talent for music production, making the natural progression as a deejay into the art of beat making.

     MarvelMusicProductions was born in 2009, with the notion of giving Marvel an outlet for his creativity within urban music, particularly within the Hip Hop genre. So far his creativity has lead to projects involving : The theme tune to “No Hats, No Trainers” (A 6 part Urban Music and Fashion Tv Series on BBC2 produced by Lemonade Money); An album entitled “The Marvel Sound” (available for digital download); Production and videos on releases for emcees such as MC Shyam (Cardiff) and Quality Craig (Torquay); and various snippets of music, used by Lemonade Money in television interviews and backdrops.

     Moving forward DJ Marvel has plans for plenty more releases within the digital market, as well as Youtube videos and other television opportunities that may arise. For more information check back here, or contact DJ Marvel yourself using the details on the Contact page.


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Latest News

             December 2013 sees the latest release from Marvel Music Productions with Dj Marvel’s “Invisible”. This skilfully crafted Hip Hop instrumental, features a blend of melodic and intersting samples, chopped up and woven together over a crunchy, “boom bap”style beat. Marvel also demonstrates his turntable skills once again with some well crafted cuts!

Available for download now from iTunes and other popular music sites.

Also check out the video on Youtube, or alternatively view it on the “Videos” page.